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Das Ziel der Stiftung
Unser Ziel ist: die Unterstützung ausserhalb der ungarischen Grenzen lebenden jungen Ungarn, die ihre ungarischen Wurzeln noch pflegen.

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The aim of the Foundation
Our aim is to financially support (using both the Foundation's and individuals' financial means) the maintenance of the cultural, scientific and educational relations between the youth living beyond the frontiers and the mother country.

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The Foundation of Young Hungarians Without Borders introduces itself
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The ,,Hungarian Youth Without Borders" Foundation started its activity in April 2000 under the motto:

Its purpose is: "To financially support (using both the Foundation's and individuals' financial means) the maintenance of the cultural, scientific and educational relations between the youth living beyond the frontiers and the mother country."

Our aim is to join Hungarians - university and high school student - living in the three regions (Hungary, Karpathian basin, West) in our programs creating forum for the Hungarian youth to make friends and liaise. We provide opportunity to young Hungarians living outside the mother country to strengthen their national and European identity, get familiar with the cultural values of the Central European region and preserve their mother tongue. We would like to achive that the the geographical distance and information shortage do not prevent anyone from taking part in the programs of the foundation. Therefore we rely on the support of all those natural and legal persons who find it important that for those Hungarian young people living scattered all over in the world the most important purpose is to strengthen their Hungarian roots and to cherish and preserve their language.

Organisational structure

Our Foundation which was incorporated in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest, has, including the president, five trustees, four living in Hungary and one in Switzerland. We have honorary members in all regions of the Carpathian Basin (Hungary, Slovakia-Felvidek, Ukraine-Karpatalja, Romania-Transylvania, Austria-Burgenland (a honorary trustee)), and we are also in contact, thanks to our Swiss founder, with the Hungarians living in Western Europe and overseas.

The Foundation has an international reputation, since our representatives are regular guests on the meetings of the Hungarian Youth Conference. In the last couple of years we have obtained the support of several individuals and institutions from Hungary, Central-Europe and Western-Europe.

We have honorary trustees in the following countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA


Hungarian Youth Meetings, After-meetings

The Foundation of Young Hungarians Without Borders has been organizing summer meetings since 2001 in the regions of the historical Hungary for the youth living outside the Hungarian borders. Our primary aim is to help to maintain the cultural and educational cooperation and to strengthen the Hungarian identity of these young people.

These meetings are very popular, since the participants not only return every year but they also happily undertake different tasks and by this help to operate our Foundation. Youth meetings have already taken place seven times:

2001: Ópusztaszer (Hungary),
2002: the Valley of Tugar (Felvidék),
2003: Illyesfalva (Transylvania),
2004: Zobnatica (Vajdaság),
2005: Felsőremete (Kárpátalja) and
2006: Kopács (Drávaszög-Slavonia)
2008: Pinkefő (Burgen).

During these one-week meetings the participants have always chance to attend historical and ethnographical lectures, to visit monuments of the natural and cultural heritage, and to get to know some traditional customs and dances of the particular region they are visiting. Our programs have a wide media attention in Hungary and in aborad as well. Numerous newpapers, television and radio channels broadcast news on our activity with special regard to Switzerland and the countries hosting our Youth Meetings.

Prize for the Hungarian Youth

The board of trustees of the Foundation of Young Hungarians Without Borders established the prize, called Prize for the Hungarian Youth on 15 March, 2003 in order to reward the work of those individuals, legal persons and institutions who actively support, and through this help the maintenance of the Hungarian ethnicity all over the world. The inauguration of this prize is always during the celebrations of the Hungarian 56 revolution. On 22th October 2003 the Foundation of Young Hungarians without Borders and the Lawyers’ Salon Union organised the prize-giving ceremony in the Kossuth Club. The prize was átad by Mrs. Dalma Mádl, the wife of the then president of the Hungarian Republic, Ferenc Mádl.

In 2006 and 2007 the ceremony was organised in the frames of a historical conference in the Institute of Military History.


For a better understanding of the autonomy process and the everyday life, self-governance of Hungarian minorities living in the Carpathian basin we hold conferences in the bordering regions of Hungary.

With the same purpose we held a university conference in Kolozsvár between 24-26th of May 2007. Beside the Hungarian students living in Romania other Hungarian students from other foreign countries were welcome as well. The program included lectures held by well-known university lecturers, researhcers and politicians expressing their views about the regional policy and integration experience between the two countries (Hungary and Romania) and also about the European Union's scholarship opportunities. The title of the conference was Hungary and Romania in the European Union. Several Hungarian and Romanian student organizations took part in the organization work.

We organised a similar program in Szabadka, Serbia in 2009 and continued the conference series in the Ukraine in 2011.

Providing information, helping around tenders and applications Our Foundation intends to help those institutions, organizations and individuals whose aims and programs are very similar to those of ours.

We could also help in the organization and management of these programs and in some cases we are also ready to provide some financial support.
  • providing information about the actual tenders and their paths
  • gathering of tender materials
  • tender management
  • tender advice / consultation

Plans for 2010-2015

Program series with the title „The Hungarian industrial and technical revolution”

In 2010-12 our Foundation announces a program series with the title „The Hungarian industrial and technical revolution” whose first event, a summer university, took place in Kovácspatak (Felvidék-Slovakia) between the 6-10th August. In the frames of lectures and presentations famous university professors, scientists, inventors introduced some outstanding scientific and technological novelties, Hungarian scientists and historic, industrial historic monuments of Felvidék of the 19th century. Primarily university students are invited as participants in our programs. They can apply with their papers for the one-week summer university, in which they give a short summary on the bibliography of Hungarian inventors, economic development and industrial historic monuments of their region of the given era. The best papers are selected for a conference issue.

Why exactly is the industrial revolution the motto of the following years? The answer is to be found in our 2010 conference band: „This small booklet should serve as a signal that even an oppressed country, or say a poor Estern province of the Habsburgs was capable of an ever so great development within the turn of a couple of decades. The Hungarian ingenuity taking advantage of international and self-fabricated findings and innovations dragged itself out of backwardness after a lost war of independence. This persistence, assiduity and creativity is what we need also today…” (The Hungarian industrial and technological revolution I. Citation from the Introduction.)

In the following years young people will be invited to Mura region, Transylvania and Hungary.

We also wish to support the study of talented Hungarian students living beyond the frontiers by announcing scholarships and granting book donations. Besides, we contribute to the remuneration of the winners of different school contests. One of our long-term aims is to establish links between different youth organizations from abroad to establish the cultural and scientific cooperation of the youth living in Hungary and those living abroad.

For more information about the Foundation’s activity please contact: mfhn@mfhnalap.org.

We are pleased to accept all kinds of support.

Our contacts:

Kristóf Kopp, President E-mail: mfhn@mfhnalap.org
Fax: 00-36-1-210-9358
Telephone: 00-36-70-967-35-53

Olivér Bajzát, Founder

Telephone: 00-41-79-691-61-75

Zsuzsanna Novák, Secretary

E-mail: novak.zsuzsanna@mfhnalap.org
Telephone: 00-36-20-953-0320
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